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How to Engage with Science More

As a physics and chemistry major, I want to hunt down ways to make science interesting. It helps that I work at a science museum, whose brightly-colored, interactive exhibits scream, "come here to have a good time!" But there are two ways to engage with science. The practical, hands-on way at museums: where we see the how of science and enjoy the because of science, and then the theoretical, bookish way of school: the why of science.

Both need each other. When I've been buried in textbooks, it helps to go to work and see a Tesla coil create lightning or a manufactured tornado in a building. The wonder of science makes me want to keep studying the difficult parts. As a scientist, I do not believe everyone is called to be a scientist, but I believe that we should all engage with science with the same widespread attitude as we do with history.

Here's how you can engage with science!

1. Think like a kid. Remember how, on boring summer days, you could place a piece of bread by an ant hill and watch them break it down in halves, quartes, halves of quarters, and there would still be crumbs to carry? Remember all the thoughts that squeezed in? We still have periods where we think with the same lack of pointedness, and we should seize them. Remember your questions, and because you're grown and have Google now, find your answers!

2. Read books about science. I'm a huge history buff, and that's been my branch between all my hobbies. I read about the history of science, the history of art, and the history of music because history is a wide-spanning web. It deals with so much and accommodates everyone and everything at the table. I recommend The Clockwork Universe by Edward Dolnick, primarily about Isaac Newton, and The Ten Most Beautiful Science Experiments by George Johnson.

3. Watch Crash Course Chemistry, Crash Course Biology, and Crash Course Physics by Hank Green and The Brain Scoop by Emily Graslie. You won't regret it.

Have a good week and stay curious.

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