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Dressed to Love: Oversized sweaters & leggings

Happy Thanksgiving, beauties! I journeyed to Hillsboro, Kansas this “weekend” (because I absolutely could not stop calling it that) to enjoy the holiday with my boyfriend’s family and his grandparents’ house made the most darling little backdrop for today’s post.

I styled an oversized sweater over my favorite pair of leggings with winter boots – the stretchiest and comfiest pieces of clothing I could find to compliment my inevitable food baby.

This lovely locket was a gift from my boyfriend and did a great job dressing up the outfit just a touch.

Written on the leggings: the text of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. This unique pattern makes them one of the most interesting statement pieces I own.

Statement pieces are one of my favorite things about a person’s wardrobe – those trendy articles of clothing that you’ve only seen one of in your life. I own a few different things that I wear specifically to stand out, to tell the world who I am and how I would like to be perceived. I mentioned in my first Dressed to Love post how your fashion choices are the first impression you ever make and how you can use what you wear to express yourself in whatever way you see fit. Statement pieces are a way to give everyone who sees you a little more of a nudge to help understand who you are. I like to think my Hamlet leggings make me seem intelligent and interesting. I may very well just come across as a nerd ;)

One way or another, I am exceedingly grateful for cute clothes and the ability to style them in ways that make you happy. I feel really blessed to have been welcomed into a new family to celebrate food and football this year, and can’t wait to take part in all the holiday cheer that’s just around the corner.


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