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Dressed to Love: An Extra Personal Touch

Hello my beauties! I’ve been wanting to build an outfit around this shirt to write about for weeks now. Lucky enough for me, the weather this week was just perfect. I got the shirt from Daisy in a Bottle, the tiny clothing boutique hidden inside a coffee shop in Old Colorado City that my boyfriend co-owns with his mother. There’s that open/pretty back trend I can’t get enough of.

I styled it with a lacy racerback from Adore Me, an online site where I buy all of my undergarments. I bought this one specifically because of the open shirts I love so much. Gives the outfit an extra cute touch.

My roommate ended up taking pictures for me this week, right as the sun was going down. I was super happy with the way the light looks in this one.

I got the shoes from my sister a few Christmases ago. But the thing I wanted to write about most is the earrings.

My Abuela passed away in March of 2015 when I was on holiday in Italy (I was living in Germany at the time). Not long after, my aunt sent me a care package with a few of my Abuela’s belongings that she thought I would like to have and included were these earrings. They’re a little bit vintage and a lotta bit classy, and I like to include them in outfits to give them an extra personal touch, a piece of someone who meant (and means) the world to me.

Don’t forget to be Youer That YOU, loves! Especially in your clothing choices. I encourage you to always take time to add something unique, even if you’re the only one who knows its importance. Leave your beautiful thumbprint on this world with every outfit you design. This earth with be more lovely because of it.


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