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Dressed to Love: Cardigans & Boyfriend Jeans

Shooting after dark by the light of the library parking lot was a fun (somewhat chilly) adventure this week. I gotta give it to my boyfriend for thinking on his feet when our original location didn’t work out.

Trends I’m sporting this week: the oversized cardigan, the boyfriend jean, and the heeled ankle bootie, three of my present favorite pieces of clothing that I own.

The bracelet was given to me by a friend and the earrings were brought to me from Thailand by someone I know who used to live there. I don’t wear a lot of brown so I don’t get to style these often, but I am always really happy when I do. 

The cardigan came from H&M (surprised? Yeah, me neither) and the jeans and booties came from JustFab, the online site that I am writing about today. 

Lots of subscription based sites are cropping up these days and I regularly utilize two of them: JustFab and Adore Me. Both operate on a monthly purchase-or- skip frame where you can “window shop” the styles they’ve selected for you based on your chosen style preferences and if you don’t like/need/want anything (or if you can’t afford to make a payment that month) you simply skip the month. JustFab is all types of clothing and Adore Me is undergarments, pajamas, and activewear. I’ve using both for months and straight up love them. What better way to shop that from the comfort of your own home?

No doubt, subscription sites are not for everybody and I can’t vouch for the integrity of most of them. But you can take my word for it when I say that JustFab and Adore Me are positively wonderful, and I am extremely happy that they exist.

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