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When Your Friends Aren't Your Friends Anymore

Do you miss an old friend right now? Someone you used to hang out with all the time but never see anymore because you guys had a falling out, one of you moved away, you changed directions in your lives? Do you think about a certain person that you used to tell everything to, had sleepovers with, watched chick flicks with, or just had deep conversations with? 

I do. 

Being friends with someone is easy. Probably the easiest thing. Hang out. Watch movies. Listen to music. Have sleepovers. Go shopping. All of that is easy. 

Probably one of the hardest things you have to do as you grow up is realize that you won't stay friends with everyone forever. You'll grow apart, things will change, maybe you'll get in a fight that can't be rectified. 

It happens. And it stinks. And things change. You have to learn to live a life without them. You have to teach yourself not to call them when something big happens, text them when you see a cute boy when you're shopping. 

But losing that person - that person you did everything with - that's hard. And it feels like a piece of your heart has been ripped out and stomped on and then put back inside your body. You cry. You ask why. You talk to your other friends. If you're like me, you walk around the house and scream that you're right and the other person is wrong. (And let me tell you, despite me thinking that I was always right, I was wrong a lot of the time). 

And it hurts. Everything hurts. 

But, as someone who has lost friends - multiple ones - I'll tell you. It gets better. You'll never stop thinking about that person. Sometimes their name will creep up on you, or you'll run into them at the store, or you'll see them at a local fair (all things that happened to me in the last couple of months). You'll put on a brave face and you'll smile and say "hello" even though it hurts a lot.

I can't stress it enough, even though it hurts...FORGIVE. FORGIVE. FORGIVE. You'll feel better after you do. 

You'll learn to forgive, even if the other person doesn't necessarily ask for forgiveness. You'll take a deep breath and let it all go. (You're welcome for getting that song stuck in your head now.) You'll make new friends and you'll realize that everything's going to be okay.

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