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The Girl Who Smiles

We've all had our Debbie Downer moments. Moments when we think, "Woe is me," "My life sucks," etc, etc, etc. This is our human nature, and it's hard to get away from those thoughts sometimes. We went people to feel bad for us, and make us feel better about ourselves.

That being said, I can guarantee we all know that one person that is a Debbie Downer all the time - a pessimist in every sense of the word. They never have anything nice to say, always have to bring the mood down, and love to argue with you even if you may be right.

I am an optimist. I can see the good in almost any situation, in every person, and I smile a lot (and laugh a little too loud, I'm afraid). I have my moments, of course, but most of the time I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky person and don't let anyone bring me down.

On Facebook a couple days ago, I was having a "conversation" on pessimism versus optimism. The person said that I wasn't being realistic because the world was a "bad place" and I hadn't "seen anything like he'd seen", and that "the town you live in is nothing like a big city."

All good points, all good points. I wasn't going to argue with any of that. In fact, I told him that I agreed - I hadn't seen what he'd seen, the world is a bad place, and small-town living probably did make me see the world in a different way.

But then he went so far as to tell me that optimists are the ones that are susceptible to getting mugged in big cities because they have no idea what's going on in the world.

HOLD UP. Whoa, hold your horses, dude.

And here's my response. I'll leave it here for your viewing pleasure. Know that after I wrote this he told me I was disrespectful because obviously I can't have an opinion of my own. (I'm a little bitter).

Being optimistic doesn't mean being stupid. 

It means having an outlook on life that isn't negative. It means having a smile on your face even when things aren't great in the world. It means not giving up hope, and trusting that things could get better even when they probably will not. 

You go ahead and be a pessimist and live life not loving life. I'll be here smiling, watching Disney movies (because duh), and laughing. 

Yes, I know bad things happen. I may be "sheltered" by so called small town living, but that doesn't mean I'm not seeing what's going on in the world. Bad things happen. Bad things have been happening forever.

Have a great night.


The Girl Who Smiles

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