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Seeing as I wrote about failure last week, it seems apt to write a few short thoughts about success. It's been on my mind lately. My community college, which was a godsend and the only way I would have gotten an education, used me for a lot of promotional advertisements and videos, and it's gotten to the point where I can introduce myself in the general south suburbs of Chicago, "Hello, you've probably seen me on an advertisement of South Suburban College," and it makes me feel like a Parks and Recreation celebrity. Me being in the newspaper or on advertisements is what gets the most reactions from people on social media and elsewhere, and that seems strange to me. I won't be falsely modest: I recognize the work I've put into my education and appreciate my school featuring me, as well as am grateful for the supportive people who are happy for me. But a lot of people seem to congratulate me with the general idea, "You made it! Success is here."

And in one sense that's true. I worked hard for my degree. Somehow, though, I don't see all of this as "success." I am in progress. Maybe I'm afraid of peaking, or maybe I'm constantly looking towards what is forward. Don't get me wrong: I daydream about writing that book that makes people go "She wasn't an awkward loser! She had something big to say." I thought about this, and I realized that what people externally viewed as success and what I viewed as success were two different things.

At the end of the day, maybe I was the one who was trying to convince myself that I'm not an awkward loser. That, to me, is success: convincing yourself that you have worked hard and pursuing whatever goal it is before you. Trust in your process is your path and humility is your torch.

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