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Savor the Memories

I took a hike on a Sunday afternoon and I’ve been trying to write about it since.

It doesn’t fit into words.

I’ve struggled to push the golden sunshine and the crunching leaves, the rippling reservoir, into paragraph form and they won’t bear that restriction. The memories have crystallized in my mind with such clarity that to put them in indistinct papery syllables might shatter them.

It’s counterintuitive not to write about my experiences. My mantra is usually to put my phone down, savor a thing in my memory, and then wrap preserving words around it later, and archive it with the rest of my black-and-white written collections. But this memory won’t fit. It won’t cooperate. Won’t sit calmly while I deck it out in another expression of creativity.

Maybe the photos are all I need this time.

Maybe these tangible, colorful images of frozen, unblinking reality are what I need to rest in. Maybe it is best to savor the experience again and again through photos and recollections. Maybe once a thing is done, there’s only so many ways it can be kept.

Or maybe, my cynical brain chimes in, you just have writer’s block.

Oh, maybe. Maybe I just don’t know how to write about that magical afternoon. But whether writer’s block has anything to do with it or not, this itch to write about my hike is forcing a lesson into me.

I’m learning to savor my memories. Just this once, not to write about something but to absorb it slowly, recall it with my husband as we scroll through the photos late at night. Just to post lots of pictures and let the conversations, the blistered heel and the cold ground, the chattering of squirrels stay unexplored in words.

Maybe it is as I wrote once before: “Maybe the moment didn’t need to be captured, but loved twice; first savored and second remembered.”

We hiked five miles that day. I won’t summarize the exploration and energy, the soft sunshine and cool autumn breeze. But perhaps this will:

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  1. These pictures are mindblowingly gorgeous, and I absolutely love this post. Thank you for savoring AND sharing your memories with us. I'm really grateful. ♥


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