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Dressed to Love: Slouchy Beanie and Funky Socks

I have to be honest with you, loves. This week was hard. Really hard. Like, significantly harder than I was ready to deal with. Most of the week, I didn’t feel like being fashionable and all I wanted to do was sleep. But when I was trying to come up with something to write about this week I remembered one of my favorite things to do: dress with my mood.

What that meant for me was comfort, of course, but even more than that… it meant something a little bit silly. In this case, the silly was a pair of Tacosaur socks that my best friend got for me in Portland. Also featured are some sweat shorts and a slouchy beanie from H&M and a t-shirt from my dad featuring my favorites: John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

I’m sure you have no problem understanding why these make me so happy.

Lucky for me, quirky socks are one of those timeless fashion trends that never go out of style. I am a firm believer in the idea that we all really need to own pieces of clothing that just make us stoked to get dressed. The reality of life is that it’s hard, and things don’t work out the way we want them to all the time. Sometimes your car just tuckers out and dies on the Interstate when you’re driving to your father’s 50th birthday party and nothing can cheer you up for days until you remember that you have cool socks. And that’s okay. The important thing is that you adorn your temple in a way that brings you joy. 

Let me leave you with these lyrics from my you’re-gonna- be-okay song from this week:

There are moments when you fall to the ground

But you are stronger than you feel you are now

You don’t always have to speak so loud, no

Just be as you are

Life is not always a comfortable ride

But everybody has scars that they hide

And everybody plays the fool sometimes, yeah

Just be as you are

-- Mike Posner, “Be As You Are”


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