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Dressed to Love: Denim on Denim

Hello, my beauties! This week I decided to run with one of my unexpected favorite trends: denim on denim. I had to take advantage of the seventy-something degree weather that the Springs blessed us with by wearing my most comfortable denim high rise shorts (from H&M, where I might as well call home). I’m just disappointed that I didn’t think to get a good shot of the bow at the waist.

The pretty chambray button down has been one of my favorites for years but I can’t for the life of me remember where I got it. It was probably Ross, another place this broke twenty-something hunts down cute things.

Denim on denim was one of those things that I didn’t really like when I first heard about it. Like, sure, the fashion bloggers I saw give it a go were super cute in it but they look cute in everything. I still think I’m kind of a dork. No way I could pull that stuff off. But then Mike Posner came to play a show in my city and I said screw it, why not? And I ended up feeling really cute.

The lessons I pulled from denim on denim were this: Do not ever be afraid to try out a trend or new thing just because it “doesn’t fit your body type” or “you just can’t pull it off.” In my experience, a good percentage of being able to make looks work is just deciding to. People notice boldness and confidence and courage, so if you dress ridiculously and hold your head high, I promise, people will dig it and – more importantly – you will be feelin' yo'self.

The other lesson is that it doesn’t really matter if you can pull it off in the traditional sense. If you love the way you look, that’s all that matters. Forget anyone who says otherwise.

My challenge to you: try something new this week. Pick a trend or a color or a style that you’ve shied away from for whatever reason and KILL IT. If you do love it and decide to share your beauty with social media, use the hashtag #DressedToLoveChallenge so I can see it and tell you how great you are. I’m super excited to see what you all come up with!


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