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Dressed to Love: Back Trend & Blanket Scarves

Hello my beauties! Man, if there’s one thing I wasn’t counting on when I started Dressed to Love, it was the level of creativity needed to find interesting and relatively unique places to shoot. Shout out to my creative co- director/photographer/boyfriend (/sometimes clothing supplier) for coming up with cool places like this one. For a city where everyone seems to be connected to each other, the Springs does have a lot of cute corners tucked away for those willing to do a little treasure hunting and find them.

There’s that unique back trend that I promised you. This cute shirt was actually given to me by the owners of a boutique in Old Colorado City called Febra’s. I offered to play music outside their store during an event last summer and they paid me back in clothes. *fist pump*

I call this cute candid, “the lazy girl way to wear a blanket scarf.” Sometime soon I plan to do a tutorial on more unique and cute ways to style them so be looking for that.

Darlings, I have a confession to make about this outfit. I threw it together in a few minutes because the weather took a turn that I hadn’t planned, and my primary motivation behind what I chose was comfort. The boots are fuzzy inside, the jeans are stretchy, the shirt is incredibly soft, and the blanket scarf doubles as, well, a blanket. But I don’t think comfort in clothing is a bad thing.

Forget about the fact that yoga pants were a huge thing when I was in high school and a trend has just cropped up where people go out and about in fashionable pajamas. Of course comfort can be fashionable, but that’s not my point. We as women have all heard time and again that beauty is pain and sometimes you have to suffer a little bit if you want to be admired (six-inch heels and corset dresses anyone?). But I don’t think it has to be that way.

You’ll hear me reiterate a thousand times in this column that the only thing that matters is what makes you feel good, but I mean that in more ways than just confidence-boosting. I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to put yourself through ridiculous levels of discomfort just because “everyone else wears this” or “it’s super in right now” or “I need to stop being such a baby.” Everyone’s ideas of
what feels good to wear (emotionally or physically) are going to be different from each other and I think that’s lovely. 

Diversity and uniqueness are BEAUTIFUL things and if you decide your fashion statement is going to be sweats every day except the really hot summer days when you’ll swap them out for a maxi skirt instead, then I think that’s wonderful. Shout out to you for knowing what makes you happy and for choosing it, even if it’s different.

When it comes to comfort, sometimes it’ll be “fashionable,” sometimes it probably won’t, but it’s up to no one else but you to decide where that line is drawn. I personally strive really hard to find a happy mixture of both. Praise be for that pajama trend though.


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