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5 Fierce Ways to Not Give Up on Your Dreams This Fall

By Torie Jochims

As we inch closer to the actual start of Fall, cable knit sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes aside, I think we have to be real about something. There are lots of times in the year that are no-brainers for starting something new and feeling like you have a fresh start. You’ve got New Year’s because of resolutions, Spring because all the flowers come back to life, and Summer because school’s out and for some reason even when you’re not in school anymore, that provides a sense of adventure that lets us feel brave enough to try new and potentially scary things. Fall isn’t necessarily the go-to time for fresh starts or revving up those adventurous engines. After all, the leaves start dying, the weather gets a little grayer, and the ever-looming threat of -dun dun DUN- winter is there. But you know what? I say fooey to all of that.

Fall is my second favorite season, and I think being surrounded by rich colors and cooler temperatures is the perfect stage to set up and knock your dreams out of the park. Or at least get a solid foundation going to build on into the new year. What I’m saying is - don’t use Fall as an excuse to give up on anything, boss babes. ANY TIME can be a great time to do something life-changing and just because the leaves are dying doesn’t mean your dreams have to. So today I wanna talk 4 ways to not give up on your dreams and rock Fall like the shining star you are!

1. Do your research

It’s (theoretically) getting chillier outside. Coziness is inevitable. Staying inside with a hot cup of coffee or tea, curled up in a big comfy chair, google searching your butt off and reading book after book to learn as much as possible about the business you want to start or the industry you’re working to get into is a great way to spend the gray fall days. After all, you’re not tempted to go for a swim or head out for a hike when it’s not so summer-y out anymore, so why not build up your own inner library of knowledge through some serious research. They say knowledge is power. It may not equate to you ruling the world any time soon, but you can’t undersell becoming an expert in your field. It’s why people come looking for your content over someone else’s, why they want to buy your e-book, or join your community. Because you’ve put in the time, done the work, learned it inside and out and now you’re ready to share that knowledge with your readers, customers, clients, and beyond!

2. Grab coffees with leaders

A boss babe is only as good as her network, so make sure you’re keeping yours in tip top shape. Yes, I’m aware that this list is starting off pretty heavy in the coffee and tea arena, but fall is great for warm beverages and excellent conversation. Send out emails, make some phone calls, and reach out to people you admire. People who are doing exceptional things. Heck, even reach out to people doing EXACTLY what it is you want to be doing - or something similar. Ask them for a twenty-minute meetup for a drink - on you. Chances are you’ll be gabbing for much longer, but this shows you respect their time. Find out how they got where they are, what their biggest challenges were. Soak up everything they say. Then follow up with them. Keep in touch if there was a spark. You never know where your next mentor or industry BFF will come from, so meet a wide range of people and rack up the inspiration points with every coffee you have.

3. Make up a business plan - or two - or three! 

I’m not necessarily suggesting you dream up a handful of businesses this fall, because that can be quite overwhelming. But if you want to use the fall as an exploratory time for your dreams, to see what different avenues they might take, I say this is the way to go! Write a few very distinct and separate business plans for the brand you’re dreaming up. See how it changes with each iteration, and see what feels and resonates best with you. Allowing yourself to think of the different ways the thing could go helps you to get crystal clear on where you really want it to go, too. There’s power in exploring all the possibilities - one or two will typically shine bright at you while the others kind of turn to grayscale on the side. But if they all seem bright and shiny, then it’s probably time to focus in and think about how to potentially create multiple brands down the road - and what to focus on for NOW. Either way, this exercise is a win-win. Plus, it doesn’t require you to START the biz just yet if you’re feeling a little shy. Though I’m willing to bet with a solid business plan laid out in front of you, that shyness is probably going to flake away to “HOLY CRAP THIS IS A GREAT IDEA I NEED TO GET IT OUT THERE AND SHARE THIS SUCKER WITH THE WORLD!” pretty quick.

4. Breathe, dream, repeat. 

Sometimes, work and life and passions get all mixed up together into a crazy whirlwind of overwhelm and burnout. If you’re feeling like a failure for not having accomplished this goal yet or chased after that dream, STOP. Stop right now, adventurer and be kind to yourself this fall. You have to stop hating yourself for wanting regular employment or not having quit your job yet. Life doesn’t follow the path we try to force it down. If you’re working, even a little bit, at something you love - you are WAY ahead of the game. It won’t come overnight, so stop expecting it to. It’s about the ADVENTURE, babes. And that means appreciating the adventure even when you’re going through the rocky patches. Sometimes having that 40 hours a week in an office is just what you need at the moment. Sometimes taking a month off from that novel you’ve been working on is necessary. And please, for all that is good and wonderful in this world, don’t berate yourself for spending a Sunday curled up on a couch watching Netflix and ordering in Chinese. That stuff is so good for the soul sometimes. Embrace it. Just keep on dreaming, and take your sweet time, doll.

Even when you’re feeling a little like a failure for not having hit that next ladder rung just yet, you have to take breaks. You have to be good to yourself and you have to allow a moment for perspective. Otherwise you’ll close yourself off to so many opportunities. And blech, how horrible would that be?!

Torie is the over-caffeinated wordsmith at the helm of Wild Spark Creative. She's passionate about helping small business owners and creative entrepreneurs create content that ignites their brand and authentically connects with their ideal audience. She's a believer in people. She's also a hiker, a mountain climber, a runner, a makeup enthusiast and a lover of craft beer and good desserts. Find her on Instagram!

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